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What is the ACT?

Preparing For The ACT is a challenging course that many find difficult to excel in, given that it requires students to know a great deal of topics in breadth, from English grammar to scientific data analysis, as well as understanding how these individually operate in great detail. The way this is marked is as follows:

-Marked out of 36

-Final mark is a composite average score consisting of four sections: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science, all marked out of 36

Each of these four sections requires a great deal of understanding behind the mechanics behind the examination itself – students often find that the exam is excessively difficult because they have very little knowledge about the techniques and rules that are necessary to excel in it.

At All-Round Education Academy, our goal is to ensure that our students gain the fundamental knowledge required for this exam, as well as the provision of enough supplementary material that can benefit their individual learning needs, such as past paper analysis and lessons that are tailored to the student’s abilities and progress.

Why All Round Education Academy?

Our results

On average our students who register for the 30 hour ACT Complete Course see a 4 point improvement per component and a 31 average for their composite score.

Student and parent testimonials

“I enrolled my son for the full ACT course and I could not be happier! He moved his composite score up from a 26 to a 32 within 3 months. The course was intensive and his instructors made sure that he learned and practiced all the skills required for the test.” – Parent of Akshay P, KGV

“Tanya scored a 28 on her initial practice test and was looking for instructors who would be able to help her realize her full potential. She was fully immersed in the course and had ended up doing more than 15 practice tests once the course ended. She scored a 35 and couldn’t be happier! – Parent of Tanya R, Chinese International School

Our specific approach

  • Exclusive ACT content to teach and test all the skills and strategies required to ace the test!
  • Skill-based question drilling - if a mistake is made, the goal is to truly understand why in order to ensure that the skill required has been learned
  • Developing a systematic study plan for the student
  • Replicating exam conditions in order to develop confidence, time management skills and to get a clear indication of where the student’s stregnths and weaknesses lie
  • Eliminating careless errors
  • • Deep insight from experienced teachers who have attained degrees from world class universities and scored in the 90-99th percentile on the ACT


Hourly lessons
ACT Complete Course (30 hours of instruction + 3 free practice tests)
$16000 per hour
ACT Crash Course (15 hours of instruction + 2 free practice tests)
$9800 per hour
ACT Math (10 hours of instruction + 1 free practice test)
$6800 per hour
ACT English (10 hours of instruction + 1 free practice test)
$6800 per hour
ACT Science Reasoning (10 hours of instruction + 1 free practice test)
$6800 per hour
Practice Test
$750 per hour
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