About us

Hong Kong's Fastest-Growing Education Provider

All Round Education Academy with three branches across Hong Kong originally started as a small firm, created out of a passion for education. Under the right guidance and environment, our private tutors in Hong Kong helps students develop a deeper understanding of concepts which in turn leads to academic achievement, application of concepts and innovation – three facets that are sought for by top-rated corporations and universities around the world. Schools help in this regard to a great deal, but not all students can be individually cared for in a school. We wanted to create a learning environment that not only causes students to excel, but to also give them a support network of mentors that can foster initiative and drive, both in and out of academic settings.

We wanted to create an avenue that would allow students not just to excel in one single area, but in all aspects of their lives. Our desire for change has formed the core mission of our company - to provide education that not only makes students fulfill their academic potentials but also transforms them to all-rounded, self-fulfilled individuals.


Our number one priority is in ensuring that our students receive the grades they need to achieve their goals and excel in the future. Through us, our students have seen drastic increases in their marks and have gone on to successfully apply to many of the world’s top universities.

World Class

Our dedicated team of over 35 international staff are experts in each of their respective areas of expertise, coming from exceptional academic backgrounds and vocations. Each member, regardless of how phenomenal their qualifications may be, undergoes a minimum of 40 hours of training to guarantee students a world-class level of quality education.


We recognize that people gain knowledge in many different ways. With this in mind, all of our lessons are made to suit the individual needs and abilities of every one of our students to ensure that they receive the maximum level of support that we can provide them.

Home and Center

While learning in a classroom environment has been proven to be extremely effective for most students, we also understand that for many, moving back and forth is extremely inconvenient. We offer lessons at our 4 centres and at the convenience of our students’ residence.