What is the SSAT?

The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is a standardized admissions test designed for middle and high school students who are seeking entrance to independent schools in the United States and Canada. The SSAT measures three constructs: verbal, quantitative, and reading skills. It emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential for academic success.

Why All Round Education Academy?

Our complete course represents one of the most comprehensive SSAT prep programs in the world. Our students see big score improvements, fast.

At All Round Education Academy, our goal is to ensure that our students gain the fundamental knowledge required for this exam, as well as the provision of enough supplementary material that can benefit their individual learning needs, such as past paper analysis and lessons that are tailored to the student’s abilities and progress.

Our Results

On average, our students score in the top 10% of the Elementary, Middle and Upper Level SSAT exams.

Student and Parent Testimonials

“I have absolutely nothing but praise for All Round’s SSAT Complete Course. Jay provided my son and daughter with outstanding tutors who helped them through every aspect of the test. I also loved the fact that the course saw my kids do practice tests under exam conditions in order to better prepare them for what to expect. Finally, the notes and homework provided outside the classes allowed my kids to maximize their prep and reinforce what they were learning in the course!” - Parent of Anson and Clarice, who are now boarding school students in the US

“The SSAT course’s effectiveness comes from the fact that it possesses the instructional understanding & experience required to give students all the necessary building blocks and a solid foundation. More importantly, it provided my daughter with a visual understanding and strategic approach for how to tackle problems on her own. This was key!” Parent of Debbie, who is now a boarding school student in the US

Our specific approach

  • Exclusive SSAT content to teach and test all the skills and strategies required to ace the test!
  • Skill-based question drilling - if a mistake is made, the goal is to truly understand why in order to ensure that the skill required has been learned
  • Developing a systematic study plan for the student
  • Replicating exam conditions in order to develop confidence, time management skills and to get a clear indication of where the student’s strengths and weaknesses lie
  • Eliminating careless errors
  • Deep insight from experienced teachers who have attained degrees from world class universities


SAT/ACT Complete Course

SSAT Pricing:
1-1 Hourly lessons (centre)
$850 and up
2-1 Hourly lessons (centre)

SAT/ACT Hourly Rates

Complete SSAT Preparation Course
1-1 lessons (centre) 15 hours of teaching + 2 mock exams
$780 and up
2-1 lessons (centre) 15 hours of teaching + 2 mock exams