Improve your English IB results with Expert IB tutors in Hong Kong

Are you looking for an expert English IB tutor in HK to help you attain your desired IB score? Our expert tutors help students build a solid understanding of the learning objectives within the syllabus and also help with past paper drills and technique building. During our free trial lesson, our IB English tutors will understand your ability and help build a personalized plan for your progress. At All Round Education Academy, our courses are taught by some of Hong Kong's most experienced and qualified IB English Language and English Literature tutors. We can help you refine your reading, writing and analytical skills, elements that are crucial to IB exam success. With our dedicated team of tutors helping you excel, you will be extremely well-prepared in order to attain top grades on the IBDP exams. Let our IB English tutors prime you for success and help you achieve your academic goals.

What are assessment areas in IB English?

The IB offers two different English streams - Literature and Language & Literature, with the former including both literary and non-literary text, while the latter focuses only on literary works and requires a more in-depth analysis of texts. Both streams have coursework elements along with written exam modules and our IB English tutors are here to help you excel in both aspects.

What do our IB English tutors offer?

Our IB English Language and English Literature tutors at All Round Education HK value the holistic development of students. That’s why we take a learner-centred approach to our teaching. Besides teaching essential examination skills and techniques through past papers and analysing top-scoring answers, we also focus on helping students develop a solid knowledge base and encouraging the integration of various other skill sets like inquiry, communication, critical thinking, and more.

Our IBDP Student's Results and Testimonials

"My offer conditions for UCL were 38 and without All Round I would not have met my offer. I ended up scoring 41 and ended up with a 7 in Economics when I was predicted a 4 after my mocks."

- Angela Ji (Former Y13, Nord Anglia International School Shanghai)


"In terms of my Econ lessons they were amazing. I wish I started earlier. After lessons, I moved from 6s to 7s."


- Esha (Former Y13, Island School heading to NYU class of 2023)

"All round teachers have been the best tuition teachers I’ve ever had. I ended up with a 7 in all my subjects and scored a 44/45."


- Bernice (Former Y13, WIS student heading to HKUST Global Business)

What makes our IB English tutors different?

Proven Track Record

The results speak for themselves. Our students achieve a total average of 40+ points in their IBDP, with an average improvement of 1.75 points per subject taken with us from when the student first started.

Expert Tutors

Our international team of IB English tutors are highly knowledgeable and well-versed in both their field and the IB English curriculum. In addition to their exceptional academic backgrounds, all of our tutors have also undergone a minimum of 40 hours of training to ensure best-in-class tutelage and academic guidance.

Individualised Attention

We understand that each student learns differently and encounters different struggles in their academic journey. Our IB English tutors design lessons to suit individual needs and abilities.

Online and In-Person Tutoring

In addition to in-person tutoring at our 3 centres across Hong Kong as well as home tutoring, All Round Education also offers online private tutoring so you have the option to access our expert IB English tutors from home.

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Past paper focus for students to become accustomed to their eventual examinations.

Deep insight from experienced teachers who have attained degrees from world-class universities

Direct comparisons between top-scoring answers and lower-level answers to highlight what students should aspire to do as well as avoid.

Accessing examiner’s reports to specifically assess what actual examiners are directly looking for.

Learner-centered paradigm so that students construct knowledge through gathering and synthesizing information and integrating it with the skills of inquiry, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Subjects Offered For the IB

All Round Education Academy IB tutors in Hong Kong are specialists and experienced tutoring in all IBDP courses. We have recruited specialist private IB tutors who are highly qualified in the subjects they offer in order to ensure the most effective and fruitful training sessions possible. We can help you or your child achieve the marks they want. Our IB tutors can help them brush up their knowledge or understand the fundamentals of subjects such as mathematics, English, Chinese, biology, physics, chemistry, economics, and lots more.


What is the IBDP?

The IB Diploma is a two-year programme aimed at students aged 16-18, usually completed in the final two years of secondary education. As one of the most comprehensive programmes in the world, it offers a wide variety of subjects, of which students will choose 6 to study over the course of two years. Our private IB tutors in Hong Kong help students plan, study and revise to achieve their academic goals.

IBDP Course Tutoring in AREA

All Round Education is the fastest-growing IB tutoring centre in Hong Kong. We hired the most qualified and experienced IB tutors in Hong Kong and offer extensive tutoring services, including IB Maths tutors, IB Chinese tutors, IB History tutors, IB Geography tutors, IB Physics tutors, IB Business tutors, IB Biology tutors, IB English Literature tutors, IB Chinese tutors, IB Economics tutors, IB Chemistry tutors etc, which cover all the scopes of IBDP courses. We offer tutors for every subject and are here to help you.

The prevailing feature which makes us different from other Hong Kong tutoring centres is that our private IB tutors value the all-round development of the students. We provide a range of IBDP course past papers and equip you with the required IBDP examination skills. Other than boosting the academic result, we also emphasise the practical skills that students might learn throughout the course, to ensure they can still utilise the concepts when they graduate from IBDP.

Apart from having lessons in our Hong Kong tutoring centre, you can also choose online tutoring to learn for your IBDP courses online.