Online Learning at All Round Education Academy

Due to the novel COVID-19 situation worldwide, we are now offering students private 1-1 tutoring with our expert tutors. Book a free trial using the online form above.

Our expertise lies within subjects across the following curriculums:

IBDP, A Level, IGCSE, MYP, PYP, HSC, BTEC, SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Test, AP, CIE Pre-U, UK & US Common Entrance, Languages (Chinese, English, Spanish and French), Young Learners in Years 1-9 and University Admissions Consulting (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong)

If you would like to request our online learning schedule, please contact us and our team will send you one via email.

All Round has worked with over 10,000 students over the past 6 years from countries including Hong Kong, China, Singapore, UK, Switzerland, Philippines, Dubai and the USA preparing them to achieve academic excellence. Being one of the top education providers in Hong Kong, a place where education, academic rigor and achievement are highly sought after, we have fostered a team of highly qualified tutors to cater to your specific needs.

Learn online with us anytime, anywhere. It is the ideal solution to:

  • If a student is facing disruptions caused by extenuating circumstances such as the spread of COVID-19
  • If a student is studying overseas and would like to learn from top quality tutors
  • If a student would like to avoid travel time or prefers to have their lessons from home.

Why should you learn online with All Round Education Academy?

Past paper focus for students to become accustomed to their eventual examinations.

Deep insight from experienced teachers who have attained degrees from world-class universities

Direct comparisons between top-scoring answers and lower-level answers to highlight what students should aspire to do as well as avoid.

Accessing examiner’s reports to specifically assess what actual examiners are directly looking for.

Learner-centered paradigm so that students construct knowledge through gathering and synthesizing information and integrating it with the skills of inquiry, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving.


"All Round's classes are fun, engaging and informative at the same time. I have found Science much easier to grasp, and my grades have improved from a 6 to 8’s and 9's."

- Oscar (Y10, King George V School)


"My substantial improvement in scores show that All Round consists of good teachers. All Round provides the students with a wide range of curriculums, from SATs to IB, which is very helpful."

- Kotaro (Y12, South Island School)


"Out of all of the tutors I have tried, All Round was by far the best!"


Andrans (Y13, King George V School)


1-1 lessons (online): Hong Kong Dollar $550 per hour and up (approx USD $70 per hour and up)
Group lessons* (online): Hong Kong Dollar $300 per hour (approx USD $38 per hour)

*group lessons schedules can be provided on request and are based on the subject, curriculum and year group you are in
* currency conversion rates can be provided upon request