What is the PYP?

The Primary Years Programme is for students aged 3-12. It provides schools with a curriculum framework of essential elements – the knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes, and action that young students need to equip them for successful lives, both now and in the future.
More information is accessible on the IBO website: programme/

Why All Round Education Academy?

Our Results

At All-Round Education Academy, our expertise lies in developing a solid foundation ensuring our students are well equipped for their future studies in PYP Courses and Programme. At the heart of our approach, lies the ability to foster an inquisitive and analytical mind through interactive and engaging teaching methods.

Student and Parent Testimonials

“Ellie is a shy 14-year-old. She had lost confidence in science and I would like to thank All-Round Education Academy for the effort and high-quality lessons they have delivered to make it interesting for my daughter! She is making a lot of progress and this has also reflected on her recent science test! – Parent of Ellie who is in the PYP programme.
“Mr. T was charming, bright, totally professional and, crucially, had the emotional intelligence to connect with a nervous boy whose own worse enemy was his fear of tests and exams. Anson was immediately at ease with T and was engaged with the work set. His grades improved from a 6/5/6 on his first report card to a 7/7/8 for his final report card.” – Parent of Anson who enhanced his writing and reading abilities to an almost perfect score within 1 year.

Our specific approach

  • Gauging the strengths and weaknesses so as to develop a systematic academic plan
  • Developing our students creative, logical and analytical skills in order to foster an independent and confident problem solver
  • Interactive and engaging teaching methods so as to allow our students to enhance learner motivation and a keen interest in the subject area
  • Deep insight from experienced and qualified teachers

Subjects Offered For the IB