What is the PSAT?

  • Shortened, identical and preliminary version of the SAT
  • Gives students more rigorous SAT practice early on
  • Primarily used as a gauge to determine level of success in actual SAT
  • Not directly used for university applications
  • Can be used to apply for full scholarships in the United States, depending on level of success
  • Used for qualification for the National Merit competition

Why All Round Education Academy?

Our Results

At PSAT Hong Kong 100% of our students achieved a minimum 300-point increase and an average of 1400 points for the PSAT NMSQT.

Student and Parent Testimonials

“I wanted Divij to get a head start on his prep for the SAT. The teachers at All-Round Education Academy were extremely adept - Parent of Divij (Divij moved from a 1170/1520 on his first practice test to a 1470/1520 on his PSAT.)

Our specific approach

  • Exclusive PSAT content to teach and test all the skills and strategies required to ace the test!
  • Skill-based question drilling - if a mistake is made, the goal is to truly understand why in order to ensure that the skill required has been learned
  • Developing a systematic study plan for the student
  • Replicating exam conditions in order to develop confidence, time management skills and to get a clear indication of where the student’s strengths and weaknesses lie
  • Eliminating careless errors
  • Deep insight from experienced teachers who have attained degrees from world-class universities and scored in the 90-99th percentile on the SAT


Hourly lessons
SAT Complete Course (30 hours of instruction + 3 free practice tests)
$12000 per hour
SAT Crash Course (15 hours of instruction + 2 free practice tests)
$68000 per hour
SAT Math (10 hours of instruction + 1 free practice test)
$4800 per hour
SAT English, evidence-based reading and writing (10 hours of instruction +1 free practice test)
$4800 per hour
Practice Test
$500 per hour